peakEES Energy works on energy efficiency in industrial plants.

peakEES Energy specialized in steam boilers, blowdown, combustion, oxygen trim, waste heat recovery, conventional power plants, drying, etc.

peakEES Energy develops his own systems such as:

  • Smart Boiler (Boiler Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System): This system is developed to integrate to the fire-tube boilers to optimize steam production. With Smart Boiler, boiler may work without the operator at optimum efficiency.
  • Oxygen Trim System (OxyOptimizer): This system is developed to optimize combustion efficiency with lower costs. It includes Oxygen Sensor and control system to optimize and control the combustion.
  • Automatic Blowdown System (ConOptimizer): This system is developed to optimize blowdown process with lower costs. It uses boiler water conductivity value measured through conductivity sensor to optimize blowdown times. With Automatic Blowdown System, fuel consumptions due to the unnecessary blowdown will be ended.
  • Waste Heat Recovery: For combustion processes, waste heat recovery is very important to increase efficiency and to decrease fuel costs. As peakEES Energy, we analyze your combustion process and make the best project to recover waste heat. We produce both economizer and recuperator for your cases.

peakEES Energy also provides high quality, low cost and customized sensors, electronics and measurement systems. These equipment are used in ours products.

  • Oxygen Sensors, Systems and Electronics (OxyAnalyzer): We provide our costumers the oxygen sensors, necessary electronics and oxygen measurement systems (OxyAnalyzer) which are used in our developed systems and projects. These equipment are available for 0-100% oxygen range, -100/+700 oC temperature range, easy one point calibration, application specific design, different measurement techniques (Zirconium Dioxide and optic), etc. These equipment are used in Oxygen Trim System (OxyOptimizer).
  • Conductivity Sensor and Electronics (ConAnalyzer): We provide our costumers the conductivity sensor and necessary electronics (ConAnalyzer) which are used in our systems (Automatic Blowdown System – ConOptimizer) developed for boilers. Our sensors can work at high temperatures to measure conductivity directly.

Please let us know your need and make it possible for you by just sending a message to sensor@peakEES.com